The Master of the Undead - Zorhora

Zorhora was an elf mage from Midrea. Though Elves were well known for their arts at protecting and respecting all living beings, he did not share the same values as his people. Instead, his passion was in the arts of necromancy. Zorhora’s father was a renowned philanthropist not only in the elf society but also in all of Midrea. Due to his father’s wealth and power, people often turned a blind eye to the young elf’s pursuit of the forbidden arts.

One day, Zorhora seemed more fanatical about his passion. Instead of using animals and the deceased as his subject, Zorhora would kidnap a local merchant and use him as his guinea pig.

News travelled fast and the Supreme Chamber exiled Zorhora, banning him from ever entering within the walls of Midrea. Now exiled within the Desert of Desolation the necromancer came to a conclusion where his talents would gain full support. He made his way through the sandstorms and stepped into the lands of Ferron. As he expected Ferron’s high council along with the Consul welcomed him and supplied all that he requested, in return, Zorhora delivered armies of undead to aid in their military conquest.

Furthering his passions for the undead, Zorhora now ventures off into battle to seek the freshest corpses to create his ultimate masterpiece.