The Crimson Sword - Tyr

In the land, there was a long lost Swords-Art called the Gosuto Song also known as the Song of Ghosts even the swordsmen of Singo village feared.

Tyr was just a common mercenary in his small village. Content with life, Tyr had no desire to seek anything but the pleasures of everyday life. His skill was good enough to make a good living, and he didn’t need to refine himself further to pursue any type of cause. Three good meals a day and a puff of his pipe was all he needed.

One day when returning from an easy mission, he returned to his normally quaint village only to see it in flames with its citizens brutally mauled. Using his hunting skills, Tyr deduced that this notorious deed was done by a large pack of werewolves. Filled with rage, Tyr went to the local mountains and slaughtered every single wolf in the vicinity.

Exhausted from his hunt Tyr decided it was time to meditate on his raging emotions. During his meditation, Tyr felt a sudden influence trying to increase the amount of hate in his heart. He felt as if time stopped and the power of hate, fear, disgust, and anger swelled around him causing a vortex of powerful negative energy to surround him. The regrets, the hatred, the anger of the dead flowed around Tyr. And, at that moment his mind unlocked the forbidden gijutsu of the Gosuto Song.

“Blood… I need more blood!” Tyr murmured out as he slowly stood up.

The mangled corpses of the villagers began to expulse their blood. Swirling in a magnificent intricate form it started to gather and headed towards Tyr’s blade. Tyr smiled for the very last time.

Challenging every swordsman he crosses, Tyr’s thirst for blood was never sated. With every bloody battle, his thirst was quenched for only a mere moment before his void grew even larger. Small battles were not enough; he needed to join something… bigger. Seeing the battles fought in the distance he decided to join the more brutal styles of the Federation, draining his victims whenever he has the chance.