Aegis Deputy - Tina

During the formation of the Federation and the Order of Codex, many countries were neutral to both sides. Tina grew up in a region where many nobles allied with the Order and were persuading the citizens to become anti-Federation.

One day a group of Federation merchants came to the city to convince the King to join their alliance. The people supporting the Order grew violent. As a doctor, Tina’s mother could not stand watch as the merchants became the target of the angry mob. Seeing injured people, she came to the aid of the merchants and began to heal their wounds. Disregarding the safety of those around the merchants, the nobles marched the mob onward and slaughtered the injured merchants. Tina’s mother was one of the many injured that night.

Taken in by a local militia, Tina quickly earned her keep. She learned many skills within the militia, from strategy, tracking, first aid, and even how to use every type of firearm. Tina took a particular liking to the Dual Pistol style of combat and began to master it.

After coming of age, Tina joined an official post within the Ferron intelligence agency and took on the role as an A.D.F (Aegis Deputy of Ferron) agent.