The Soul Reaper - Thanotos

In ancient Arzar mythos, Thanotos was known as the personification of death, the transporter of souls, the Soul Reaper.

Arthur Dunjen, the ruthless but brilliant general of the Federation was known as the Reaper. Feared by opponents and civilians alike, he was known for leaving no survivors when he fought his enemies. He launched several brutal invasions throughout Arzar. Arthur singlehandedly expanded the Federation territory by 50% with his wildfire like victories.

Under the orders of the Superior Council of the Federation, Arthur was sent to Ivanos, a key territory for military resources. Hungry for a strong opponent, Arthur hastily attacked Ivanos. Using the latest military inventions from Code Zero, both the Ando bombs and EVA-C units were deployed.

Though the bombardment of the new bombs and the waves of EVA-C units took a heavy toll on Castle Ben, the dwarves stood tall against the might of the Federation. Arthur continued his relentless assault even though the Order’s forces were near. Neal, bolstering the forces of Ivanos and the Order delivered a swift counterattack against the already exhausted forces of General Arthur. Mortally wounded, Arthur had to retreat to the Yiting Mountains where he met his grave due to his severe injury.

Stragglers of Arthur took his body. Filled with emotions of despair and sorrow, they ordered the troops to retreat and carried Arthur’s body ahead to the city of Midrea. Staying at the Federation embassy they sought and bribed a necromancer with huge amounts of gold asking for their dear leader to be revived. The necromancer warned the soldiers that though the soul will be revived, he will not be the same. Still the soldiers pressed on.

The necromancer revived the dead General, but something went amiss. During the sequence of soul and flesh unification, a disturbance fused with the reviving energies.

The general’s body began to disfigure and mutate. He started to convulse rapidly as his flesh seared and burned. His voice darkened as he yelled and screamed. And then everything came to a sudden stop.

Through the mist and smoke, a figure rose.

“The Reaper rises once more!” Yelled the soldiers.

The figure’s head turned to his subordinates and in a dark bellow, he said, “They once called me the Reaper... But now, they will call me Thanotos, for I will reap the souls of all!”