The Vagabond - Ren Ya

Dumped at the side of the road for his birth defect, Ren Ya’s blazing red eye scared all those who wanted to raise him. One day a blind wander found the infant as he traveled the road. Unable to see the defect he took no notice to Ren Ya’s frightening eye. This man would be the Blind Master Swordsman Kwon Fei.

Taking the child to the village of Singo, Ren Ya grew into a loyal and strong young man. Singo was a village of master swordsmen, and his master, Kwon Fei, was the one of the greatest sword users to ever exist. Under his guidance, Ren Ya mastered many styles of the blade as was said to be the next successor as Elder of the village.

All was lost when his master was brutally murdered in what looked like an exotic ritual. Blood and organs were fashioned around the room like decorations and Ren Ya’s sword stood in the middle of the master’s carcass.

Proven guilty without a trial, Ren Ya was jailed for the death of his master. Something possessed him that night in jail. Ren Ya used unfamiliar skills and snuck out of his cell and went back to his Master’s chambers. When he reached the chambers his blazing red eye unknowingly gave him flashbacks of the scene of the crime.

A young woman all in black moved like the wind. Blades flew as if they were paper as it decimated his master. As she leaned backfilled with ecstasy, Ren Ya could see the small tattoo on her wrist… the Mark of the Poison Candy Assassins.

With rage, Ren Ya grabbed back his blade and stormed out of Singo Village. Joining the Order of Codex for information and resources, he will find his Master’s killer and return back to the village with his Honor intact!