The Troll and the Witch - Pucklet and Chucklet

Rumors swirled around the Shysheran Forest of a gargantuan creature lurking about and ambushing unsuspecting travelers. Merchants were its’ primary prey, though huge and hulking, this creature had a strange sense of thought to only gather food and common use goods.

A Dreamwalking adventurer curious about the stories tracked down the local beast. Heading to a nearby cave, the creature was none other than a huge troll. The troll seems slow unlike the reports of a hulking fast beast. Observing the creature, the adventurer saw that the troll was nurturing a young baby girl.

Deciding to find out what is going on, the Dreamwalker decided to invade the thoughts of the little girl. Amazed, she controlled the mighty troll like as if he was just an extension of the girl. The troll yearned for a bottle that the girl held and was reaching for it. Unknowingly the Dreamwalker gave the troll just a drop of the liquid and miraculously the troll would move at lightning speeds.

Deep within the far-reaching mind, the Dreamwalker would search the mind of the little girl. What was her origin? How was the girl placed here? There the Dreamwalker saw a distant memory of the mother’s child placing the child down in the cave.

“Pucklet my darling daughter, we witches can only gather but once a century in Midrea. I will be absent for a while my baby girl. Chucklet will take care while I am gone.” This memory was at least a month old.

As the Dreamwalker left the mind of Pucklet he decided that he had seen enough, when the familiar troll came up behind him. “You’ve seen far too much Dreamwalker” said the troll, and the adventurer was never heard of again.