Magical Tamer - Nico

Daughter of the famous magical tamers of Midrea, Nico grew up mastering her family trade at an early age. Nico’s parent’s owned and ran the premier magical pet store in Midrea, thousands of rich nobles and those infatuated with magic came to their pet store to get the latest cute and wondrous creature. But, during the Great War between Midrea and the Federation, the pet store was starting to struggle. Young able bodied workers once abundant in the city was now drafted as soldiers for the city of magic.

Nico, ever so faithful to her parents decided to help and started taming magical creatures all on her own.

As tensions rose in the war, Midrea sent two ambassadors to negotiate with the Federation. As the two ambassadors journeyed to the Federation camp, unknown assassins ambushed them. Sending a distress signal the ambassadors requested assistance from the Mid-Guards of Midrea; however, some within Midrea’s Supreme Chamber thought otherwise. Partial members of the court decided that the death of two ambassadors would grant a boost in morale within the civilian population so that they would align with the Order of Codex. They sent private messages to the city gates delaying the rescue operation with their influence and power.

Fortunately, Nico was out and about gathering new creatures with her beloved pet, Mouthy. Realizing the dire situation, she jumped in to help out her fellow Midreian and saved the two ambassadors. Heralded as a hero, Nico was granted an honorary badge of the Mid-Guards, and now fights for the premier Magic city of Arzar.