The Sword of Justice - Neal

As a Guardian Neal was the pinnacle of knighthood. Excelling in displays of strength, skill, judgment, and valor, Neal is the pride of the nation.

But before a Guardian, Neal was once a common member of the League of Knights sworn to the duty of protecting the Royal Families of Arzar.

As the minds of the humans turned the lands red, the Andisha Royals renamed the League of Knights to Guardians of Codex and recruited them as the prime force of the Order.

During the infamous Siege of Saint Yunn, the Sanchez Royal Family was the target of the invading Federation forces. One by one Neal’s brother in arms fell to the swift blades of the Federation. Mustering strength from unknown, the man protected the Royal Family. As if blessed by the gods holding off the enemy forces for days.

When reinforcements arrived to rescue the cornered Royals, there stood a single knight surrounded by fallen bodies of Federal troops. Though breathless and in terrible shape Neal upheld his duty as a Knight of the Royal Family. With the help of Gungnir and his Yunn Elites, Neal rallied the remaining troops to not only defeat the invading forces but captured all of the opposing commanders. This retaliation was successful within days.

Years later there would be legends of an orphan possessed by the devil that single-handedly saved Fondaville.

Stories of the Sword of Justice spread throughout the lands and spread even further as Neal triumphed in the battle of Ivanos by severely damaging the long feared Federation General-Arthur Dunjin and forcing the remaining Federation troops into the Misty Forest. The Order of Codex was later prized with the alliance of Goldsmith. In Neals honor, the King of the Mountains ordered their finest ironsmiths to forge a mighty sword for him, in thanks for saving his kingdom. Neal in return named the sword after its honorable country-Ivanos to show the bond between the two nations now share.

“This sword wields the Justice of two nations, who dare stand in its way will feel the might of justice and Iron.”