The Machine Doll - Little Lu

After the rise of Federation Union they began to develop sci-tech weapons thereupon establishing the “Code-Zero weaponry”. The scientist of the Federation invested a great amount of effort in machine-tech and under the leadership of Turin and his vice director, they developed the「Armor 42-S」- a machine quite remarkable in terms of both firepower and mobility. Code 0 then conducted a pilot test in the intention to find the best operators for the new technology.

Little Lu was known throughout her town as a genius and a daredevil. Always a troublemaker, Lu would sneak into local auto shops and tinker with their products until some mad mechanical monstrosity would ravage the town in a blaze of glory creating beautiful and destructive sparkles in the towns of the Federation. Seeing her potential, her friend Emi recommended Lu to sign up for the 「Armor 42」 Pilot test.

On the day of the test, just as the instructor was teaching everyone how to walk with the machine, Little Lu sped through the line of participants and piloted the machine to jump to its’ full limit and performed a safe and perfect landing. When Little Lu emerged from the cockpit, the judges all stood there stunned as they just witness a little girl effortlessly mastering the machine.

The guards tried to stop her, but the Little Lu just continued performing tricks all while taunting and humiliating not only the contestants but, the professional pilots of the secret project. When the examiners became intolerant of her wild antics, they instantly disqualified her.

Rejected, Little Lu left. While heading home, a mysterious person named Blanqui waited at the exit and offered her a special opportunity to come to the central lab of Code-Zero. Under Blanqui’s recommendation, Turin built Little Lu an upgraded「Armor 43-S」unit. With her own “personal” adjustments she improved the firepower, functionality, and speed of the armor.

Now Little Lu rides into battle defeating anyone who opposes the Federation… and makes sure to make everyone feel humiliated with her skills.