The Beast of Madness - Kate

Gha Haradi, a powerful old wizard from the nation of Ferron was rumored to have gone mad. Though at time he was lucid, Gha Haradi claimed that “DreamWalkers” were controlling him and screams out loud that “they” were coming. Paranoid with fear Gha Haradi could only calm himself with his trusted cat Kate.

One day a “DreamWalker” pushed him over the edge. He claimed that everyone was going to hurt him and take his power, he swore with the guards, the military that everyone was a “DreamWalker”. Murmuring to himself that he had to get rid of “them”, he opened a forbidden incantation and transformed his beloved pet to be his ultimate protector.

As the forbidden magic began to swirl and manifest itself around the cat, strange things were taking place. Her form began to grow in size, and her hair began to change into a fiery red color. Her paws enlarged and her legs became slender, her feline form began to turn humanoid.

The incantation was almost at completion until Gha Haradi had another episode and warped the spell. No longer driven with protection, she was now filled with the same lust as her master, “Kill all DreamWalkers”. Seeing in her eye that her now creator was possessed by a “DreamWalker” she did what was only natural to her.

After the death of Gha Haradi, reports of ferocious attacks were widespread. Victims were mutilated by razor sharp claws never before seen before. The deaths were so widespread that the Ferron Government decided to get their top agent, Tina, on the Job. After many months of hunting, Tina finally captured “Kate”, though still filled with the lust to kill “DreamWalkers”, the Ferron Military decided that this monster was perfect as a lethal weapon for their military and put her under the supervision of their intelligence agency-Aegis Deputy of Ferron.