How to Play

1. Character Profile: Here we have all your character stats so you can see what exactly you can do! This includes class, health, playstyles, HP and all other important stats!

2. This is where you can see how much damage you will be doing on base auto attacks (True Damage + AD), how much armor you have, and all that sweet, sweet gold! Below those you can see all of your character skills (usable every round), Dreamwalker Spells (special spells with longer cooldowns), and mana you have each turn!

3. This is where you purchase items with the money earned by slaying minions and champions. Purchase the best gear for any situation you need so you can be the best!

4. Here we have the enemy stats! Now you know hard they hit, their leftover mana in case they want to use some tricky skills during your turn, and their resistances! Also note that you can see what turn it currently is and when you want to pass your turn, simply click on the End Round Button.

5. This is where the base is protected! These turrets on both players’ sides will fire on any enemy within their range, making it safer for you if you need to retreat for a quick healing! Watch out though, because every time your character is felled in combat, one of the turrets will explode! Once both turrets explode for any given side, the game is over and the winner is crowned!

6. This is your character; super cute looking right? You control them personally and choose their fate.

7. These are your loyal minions. They spawn at the beginning of the game and every four turns afterwards to help push into the enemy base! If you manage to take down enemy minions, you gain gold to purchase more items so don’t just ignore them and go for the enemy Dreamwalker!

8. This is your base so to speak. While you are standing on this area, you get healed at the end of your turn so if you need to retreat behind your turrets to heal for a little, run back down to here!