The Wind Chaser - Haam

Within the peaceful village of Fondaville lived a community of farmers. Under the protection of the Order of Codex, this village thrived. As the main farming community of the Order, this area was also a strategic target for the heavily armed nation of Ferron.

Haam and his parents were apple growers, but even though the boy loved their little farm, he had a talent and habit of running off to hunt in the woods which his parents were not very fond of.

One day he was caught hunting again; his parents punished him by cleaning the storage room. His father pinched him by the ear and moved him to the storage when suddenly smoke and screams came from the village. He told the boy to stay inside and not to come out till he is back.

A few hours went by. The frightened boy left the storage to look for his parents, but to his horror, he saw only their bodies covered in blood lying beneath their favorite apple tree.

Ferron’s invasion was what some would call a brutal massacre. Slaughtering defenseless farmers, villagers, women, and children; none were safe from the slaughter. After this incident, Haam disappeared and started to research poison plants, animal toxins as well as perfecting his hunting abilities.

Years later there would be legends of an orphan possessed by the devil that single-handedly saved Fondaville.

Haam using his knowledge of the local fauna, his quick wit, and small frame attacked the invading forces from the shadows. Trapping his foes like wild game, he would capture and execute his targets with no mercy. Little by little the wind chaser stifled the forces of Ferron until the Order came to retake Fondaville from Ferron’s jurisdiction.

Haam became an overnight hero to the villagers of Fondaville and the Order of Codex. Using a local militia, he created a newfound Special Forces group known as the Kren Trackers.

With his newfound skills in covert-ops and scouting, he leads the Kren Trackers to be a valuable branch of the Order of Codex.