The First Striker - Gungnir

When the land of Arzar was divided into many campaigns. The two biggest were the Federation Union and the Order of Codex who raged all-out war against each other. The Order was founded by the four most powerful families in Arzar, The Calvin Royal family, the Sanchez Royal family, the Ching-Young nobles and the Andisha Royals. They gathered the lands most prestigious people and persuaded many wealthy nations to join their cause, quickly forming a strong alliance.

The Spearmasters nobles of the Ching-Young family adopted a wayward orphan from the streets. Though raised as one of their own, he was despised by his brothers and sisters. Named by his new parents as Gungnir, he spent most of his time practicing and perfecting the arts of Ching-Young style combat.

When The Order soon established the Saint Yunn temple, Gungnir immediately volunteered and left the home where he was constantly mocked for studying the ancient combat arts.

During the third war against the Union, the Ching Young’s were captured and brought to the execution grounds. That same day, Gungnir was influenced by a Dream Walker, and he broke ranks from the Yunn Elites. Some say that Gungnir was possessed by thunderstorm; others say he was literally for a moment the god of Thunder; nevertheless, he hunted down and eliminated those who threatened his family. Inspired by his actions, thousands of civilians joined this anonymous warrior. Gungnir rallied the remaining Codex soldiers and with the power of the people, fought fiercely against the invading army. Like a storm of blades and spears, the newly made force cornered the enemy in the nearby mountains and slew the opposing commander.

Earning respect from the people and now his family, Gungnir’s legend spread throughout the lands. And for the first time, it stroke fear into the hearts of the Federation Union.

Gungnir quickly rose through the ranks of the Yunn Elites. And as his rank grew, so did his legend. Now as the Captain of the Yunn Elites, Gungnir and his army are a force to be reckoned with.