The King of Iron - Goldsmith

In the birth of Arzar, a god man dwarf named Aule sculpted the mountains and hills, changed the watercourses of rivers nourishing the creatures of this world. He crafted the lands and was also one of the great builder's of the Ancient Mech-city in the lands of the unknown. After the battle with the Serpent of Chaos, he built, in the northern mountains, a great city calling it Ivanos.

Descendant of the might god Aule, Goldsmith is the rightful King and Ruler of these mountains. Known as the Iron Kingdom for their large cache of minerals, rare gems, and metals, Ivanos is a key territory target for any nation going to war.

When the Federation Union established the Code-Zero Weaponry they soon lacked the raw material for constructing mass metal machines. In need of the minerals the mountains possessed, the Federation tried to sway Goldsmith into joining in on their alliance, but King of Iron wise beyond his years knew that joining would dissolve his Kingdom’s sovereignty. Goldsmith wanted the best for his people and thus declined the offer on numerous occasions.

Forced to take extreme action, the Federation hired assassins to kill Goldsmith’s brother. This enraged the mountain king and caused him to declare war against the Union and quickly forming an alliance with the Order of Codex, Goldsmith joins his niece Layna in the frontlines of the war.