The Saint of Wars - General Guan

Guan Yu the great general of Liu Bei in the late Eastern Han dynasty was a legend. His strong spirit led him to accomplish great things in his lifetime. But in the end, he met his demise when captured by Sun Quan’s forces.

The world of Arzar is rumored to draw in the life forces of all that were and are powerful; Guan Yu was no exception. As his life ended on Earth, his life energies came to Arzar drawing in like a moth to a flame.

Waking in the middle of a great city, Guan Yu was amazed at the spectacles of this world. Confused at what was in front of him, he entered a pet shop filled with amazing creatures and asked loudly for a horse. There a small girl came to the counter, confused as to what a horse was the girl named Nico asked Guan Yu what he was talking about.

The two became close friends immediately. Nico would tell Guan Yu the ways of Arzar as Guan Yu would tell of the greatness of Earth and its’ people. With no place to go, Nico invited Guan Yu to stay with her in the strange magical city of Midrea. Interested in this new world Guan Yu would accept. Nico’s father gave the general a pet blade dragon, which can transform itself into the many forms of a Chinese Guandao blade.

Rumors began to swirl around Midrea of a strange large warrior with a shapeshifting dragon saving the town on many occasions. And quickly Guan Yu would join the famous Mid-Guard of Midrea along with his close friend Nico.