Battle Girl - Emi

When the minds of men polluted the land of Arzar, the Federation Union was formed. Using their rescources they overthrew weak nations and soon started their own government. After the establishment, the call of an army was taken into action. One of the Special Forces founded was the Rogue Assaults, the best long ranged combat strike force of the Federation Military.

Emi, the youngest daughter of Razler, leader of the Rogue Assaults, was his most cherished possession. Though raised in to be a lady of the court, Emi would often skip her lessons to the draw of long ranged offensive combat. Wanting to follow in her father’s footsteps, one night, some say she was possessed, others say she had enough of the quaint life Emi suddenly had an urge that she cannot control wanting to join the Rogue Assault.

Knowing of his daughter’s growing interest in the military, Razler felt unease and was considering on leaving his post wanting to move his family to the far reaches of the nation, isolated from war. But Razler was far too important for his team, he compromised to his daughter’s wishes and let her join on minor missions rather than let her join alone unsupervised.

On a mission to occupy a small village in Everen, the Rogue Assaults swiftly took down the guards and was to establish the place as a supply point for the front line. But after the day was over the General leading the campaign was defeated by Everen’s General Mayfair and ordered the Federation army to retreat and to dispose of all the villages along with the people they had taken over.

When Razler received the order he asked his men to stand down and leave, as he did not want to hurt the innocents. When he came out of the hut they set for command station he was shocked at what he saw. His daughter had rallied every villager into a corner and executed the people as if slaying animals.

To his disappointment, Razler withdrew from the Federation and left the army. He could not accept his child doing such a treacherous deed but was in no place to blame or discharge her as this was a direct order from a superior officer.

Emi remained as a Rogue Assault. With her impressive skills and her otherworldly knowledge, Emi quickly rose above her father’s former colleagues and now leads them into the battle of Arzar.