Claws of the Misty Forest - Bella

Federation Military 428 Brigade Corporal Pang code No.2181324 Journal

12/4 - Our troops lost the battle of Ivanos. At first, our invasion was swift as our General led the men encircling the enemy, cornering them to a dead end, but somehow we don’t know when. Reinforcements from the Order came from the east and took out our main battalion. One by one our strongholds fell into their hands. The Codex commander Neal, joint the remnants of Ivanos’s army and defeated our elite troops. The messenger reported General Dunjen is injured and is now being transported here.

12/5 - Today we are receiving countless injured men. Helping the wounded I glanced at the injured General, I was in shock as even the once called Reaper of wars could be so vulnerable.

12/5 14:17 - the doctor announced the death of General Arthur Dunjen. Major gave the order to leave from the last standing point here in the Yiting Mountain, and draw back to Midrea the city of magic, which is a neutral campaign to both sides. The staffs of our remaining forces took the body of Arthur to leave first; our brigade will be the last to retreat, pursuing the enemy if they catch up to our remaining men. We estimate that they are two days behind us; it should be enough time for everyone to get to safety.

12/7 - 2 days later on the road of retreat, we are already short on food and supplies. A lot of people are sick and we've lost many brothers to the winter cold. Have to get to Midrea soon before we start starving to death.

12/8 - Midrea is just ahead, and I heard a group of our men is coming towards us. We thought they were here to transport supplies, but their arrival snubbed out the our last hope. Midrea refused to let are men move in as they did not want conflict with the Order, only a few of the staffs were protected due to political asylum. So we changed course and set to the nearest spot where we stand a chance of fighting-The misty forest.

12/9 - We set camp in the forest; the scouts have spotted the Orders army outside the trees. With little men left, we had no choice but to go further into the woods. The odd thing is the enemy should be able to commence attack now, I suppose they’re afraid of the ambush they might encounter.

12/10 02:05 - It was my watch, there was a ghostly mist surrounding the camp. Weird sounds approached from creatures or insects I have never heard before. I tried pulling myself together, as I was calming down the campfire went out, and I felt shadows rustling through the trees. Then…a terrifying silent froze the air, the next thing I saw was thousands of bat-like animals swarming towards the campsite attacking our people.

12/10 14:26 - We had at least 4000 remaining men. Gone in one night! Someone attacked us, it was not the Order…it was not the dwarves…I’m not even sure if it was a someone… My right leg has been bitten by one of the creatures yesterday, it is so swollen I can barely walk and the venom inside of those animals is also causing me to go blind, little by little my sight is fading. Blood has covered me and the wound on my leg is festering; as I struggled to escape from this graveyard. A slim figure came out of the shadows. She stood in mid-air whispering in a soft and tender voice: Human, Human you shouldn’t have intruded here. But why don’t we play a game, if you leave my home before sunset I will forgive you for your trespassing.

12/10 17:47 - Through my near blinded eyes I can see the sun is almost out, seems like I won’t be getting out in time. I hear dark creatures following behind me as the light of the day grew dimmer and dimmer. So these are my last words if anyone picks up this journal: Leave this forest immediately! Do not advance any further while you have the chance. Please tell my wife Yi-jing, a nurse at sky-water village, that I love her and let our son Guong Yen work hard and become a doctor. Tell him never to join the Federation’s bloody army. ……Now, I hear it. That same voice coming out from dark bushes surrounding me saying: Hello human…I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Bella…and your time is almost up…