The Lunar Master - Armina

Hendrid was an upright trader that refused to ally with the Federation when they overthrew countries and banned all who refuse to join their league.

Exiled from Federation lands, He and his family moved to Midrea, the City of Magic. Filled with sorcerers, witches, mages, and warlocks, Hendrid and his family felt at home. His daughter Armina grew particularly fond of Midrea and became engrossed in magic, particularly the field of the Lunar Force.

As the star pupil of the Lunar Palace, she surpassed many of her fellow classmates. Learning different techniques and large varieties of masteries, she was highly sought after by other magical schools. Decline all other offers she finally chose the Academy of the Codex, mainly due to their reputation for having the largest library of tomes and spells in the world.

Interested in not only learning new spells, Armina loved to demonstrate her mastery. She decided to join the Dream Breaker Magician’s tournament held by the Order of Codex. Strange dealings were held in the shadows, as normally jovial students and master magicians were collaborating and colluding with one another for fame and fortune. But that didn’t matter that day since Armina, The Lunar Master, won the tournament with such ease that all other contestants looked like amateurs in comparison.

News broke out about the colluding mages and all were expelled. As the mages were dragged away from their dorms some cried out that they did not do it, something possessed them. Armina continues to work closely with the Order of Codex to this day, learning and mastering new spells along the way.