The Fiery of Isfuine - Animus

When the first Dream Walkers came and started shaping the world of Arzar , factions, organizations, and nations were either born or being controlled. They manipulated the already existed Iron Kingdom - Ivanos, the Elf Kingdom - Everen, the City of Magic - Midrea. Later forming the Poison Candy Assassins, the criminal organization- Deadline Mafia who both controlled different regions of theTytis islands and the sinister citadel - Saul City. Then came the rise of military nation-Ferron, and the forming of the two largest campaigns -the Federation Union and the Order of Codex. War broke out upon the land so, the Dream Walkers that manipulated different parties sought to control more powerful beings in order to aid their campaigns.

Rumors say that Animus was once just an ordinary peasant farmer. Content with raising pigs and cows, he was just a simple man with a very simple mind. That all changed one day when all of a sudden something took control of him; Animus was driven to head north to the volcanic isles. Not known to anyone but Animus came from an ancient line of Orcish fire mages known as the Isfuine Fire Mages. Animus feverishly mastered his ancestor’s magic for years alone in the volcanic isles.

Following his ancient heritage, Animus uncovered the legendary Fire Source Prime, a legendary ancient artifact only mentioned in the archives of Midrea, capable of giving the user powerful amounts of devastating fire energy. Mastering this legendary artifact and the Isfuine Fire skills, Animus revealed himself to all the other Isfuine mages and priests of the city of Midrea. Quickly rising above the rest Animus became the leader within the small Isfuine sect and also was elected as a member of Midrea’s Supreme Chamber.

One day when meditating, Animus had a fiery vision. His vision consisted of humans from another world coming to Arzar and causing strife between the nations. There he saw a strange vision of a white room, filled with technology he has never seen and three large letters: T N I.